Sunday, March 13, 2016

An example of an indirect light

On the top you see a big reflection of the Sun off my not very polished wooden floor.   On the bottom is the view in the opposite direction.   Three interesting points:

1. The secondary light effect is surprisingly (to me) strong and un-diffused.
2. The secondary light effect is achromatic even through it is off a brown floor-- the specular component is achromatic.
3. Note the tertiary effect on the wall by the picture frame.    This would be tough for most renderers.


Bradford James Loos said...

Is it possible that the secondary bounce is achromatic because most of the directional bounced light comes from the wax/polish that is on the floor?

lara said...

Probably for the same reason the strong un-diffused secondary bounce is like that thanks to reflective caustics.