Friday, May 29, 2015

My Rocket Golf Galaxy is better than yours.

I'm continuing to play Morgan McGuire's casual iOS game Project Rocket Golfing.    The game is fun but from a graphics nerd perspective the coolest thing is that it has unbounded levels.   After the first few Galaxies, you can pick any name and the Galaxy corresponding to that name is next.  For example, I have tried tons of them and the best I have found so far is (really no kidding) "Peter". 
Name a new Galaxy.

There is a crafting system for various power-ups and different Galaxies (each a set of four solar systems) have various resources form none to a lot.  These are indicated by the symbols in the "log" column.  The "Peter" galaxy has four such resource types which is the most I have found in any Galaxy so far.  (Yes I know. I parred only one of four of my own systems so far!)
The Peter Galaxy is resource-rich
 As I said, I have tried a lot of names of people I know (and many variations of my own name like Petey Boy).  I still have not found any mother-load Galaxies.  If you do, please say the name in the comment section (the same name will be the same Galaxy on all versions of the game).

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