Monday, September 22, 2014

A Rebuttal to the Daily Mail

Having just got out an app to beat the iPhone6 launch (Pic!  try it!),  I am catching up on all the reading I haven't done the last few months.   People who know me well will not be surprised that the Daily Mail is my favorite paper.  I try to be intellectual enough to read The Guardian and the FT, but the Mail is my kind of paper.   I was pleased to see an app by my buds at Pixio featured in the Mail during my news blackout.  Further, it got trashed by the Mail, which I know often says good things about a person, place, or thing.  I actually had never used the app, so I bought it for 99 cents US and in fact I think it is a nice little app that you can use to teach yourself how to use an abacus.   Further it was one of the first 300 apps on the store!  Not sure what the Mail has against the abacus, maybe some left over animosity from the Roman Empire (being stuck on the wrong side of that wall would make anyone mad). It’s cheaper and easier than going out and buying a physical one, the counters on it make it obvious how it works unlike the real ones which I never  understood before today.   So you can make yourself smarter for 99 cents, or you can buy a Sunday Daily Mail for $2 and make yourself dumber reading stories about Honey Boo Boo and seeing pictures of buxom Octoberfest waitresses.  Or you can spend $3 and come out exactly as smart as you were before you started.  That being said, I will use the language I have learned reading the Mail and tell them that on this issue they are a bunch of stupid gits that should probably be using two cans and a string instead of a reviewing apps for smart phones.

While I am talking about Pixio, let me tell you that its co-founder, Lorenzo Swank, got in line 33 hours before the iPhone6 was available, and he got one.  Exactly 33 hours later he dropped it in the toilet.  I think that he is probably the first person on Earth to test an iPhone 6 with a toilet dunk, results as expected (it does come with a prize: paying Apple more money).  Maybe the Daily Mail should do a story on that, because things involving idiocy and bathrooms seem to be more up their alley.  Like what ever happened to Honey Boo Boo for example...

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