Monday, August 25, 2014

Requesting your help for new app: Pando

We've had a social photo app in the works for some time that we will soon be doing a limited beta launch of: pando.  Pando is a user-to-user ephemeral photo sharing app, but that function is not what I want your help with.  Pando also can anonymously share to the web at   Please download the app (iOS, Windows Mobile, or Android) by clicking on the appropriate link icon at the top right of the site:

The "doorknop" (I meant to do that!  Yeah that's the ticket) was uploaded from the app using the steps here:
Once you do that with a photo, try adding a hashtag (currently limited to our set listed in "links" at the top of the site) anywhere in the message you add.  For example if you say "I have crazy #cats" it will go to

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me fill all the subdirectories (we call them "subpandos" inspired by reddit terminology) with nicer pictures than I would make.

And for extra credit, add "shirley" as a friend and send me a private message.  Use the stickers for that for my amusement :)

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