Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our new app Pic! is live on iOS app store

We have a new photo editing app on the app store.  You can get it for 99 cents here.   Since mostly graphics nerds read this blog, I will buy you a beer next time I see you if you buy it and try it.  That is a 2X-10X return on investment (depending on where you live and the beer you like)!  Please like the Pic! page on facebook as well, and post your photos there.

The basic idea of the app is that you choose between four images you can see all at once.
This is the first screen and you are essentially choosing a category (normal, bi-color, posterized, or technicolor).  The next two screens are fine scale adjustments.  My favorite filter is one I don't think you can get elsewhere where there is no blue or green (just browns, yellows, reds, and greys) but it still (for most input) looks like a color image rather than a sepia-tone.  I leave finding it in the app as an exercise for you.

This is somewhat of a beta app.  Come iOS8 we have a Swift implementation of an app extension (a new plugin-like feature of iOS) that will come out next month.   I think this app is a poster child (pun intended) for app extensions: it does one simple thing well.

Obligatory graphics nerd content: to get these filters to work I needed to use a boutique color space that as far as I know has not been used, or is even known, in graphics.  It is not new to humanity and I will write it up when it is no longer secret sauce for us: it's will be my go-to color space for lots of things in the future.

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