Friday, August 10, 2007

Results of new poll in

This poll was better designed but still had one big flaw-- should have had more years-- people clumped in 2011.

For those readers that have not done a ray tracer I recommend Suffern's new book. He covers a ton of details that are not in other books. I saw a copy at SIGGRAPH and it lives up to the potential shown by all those chapters he's let me use in classes over the years.


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Today the german newsticker posted the news that intel is picking up the Quake-raytracing project of Daniel Pohl and his students from the university of Erlangen, Germany. Thus, they now fund the development of a multiple core-real time raytracing engine.

Since the article is only available in german, here are its main arguments:
- The article claims that one of the Quake games ran at 127fps on a dual quad-core intel pc.
- Raytracing would be especially attractive for multi-core cpu's since the performance scales almost linearly to the number of cores. (A 16 core-system delivers approx. 15.2 times the performance of a single-core system.)
- With increasing polygon count raytracing becomes more and more attractive since the computational load increases only logarithmically, not linearly as in classic rasterization
- Collision detection could be way more accurate if you just handle every object as a light source (thus accurately computing the distance to the colliding object)
- Intel does not mention a date when to ship an appropriate SDK, although Pohl expects the first raytracing games around 2009

There are even some slides of the respected presentation online although they do not convey very much:

This was a presentation being held at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

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