Sunday, September 13, 2015

My new main email address

I have been using (where I worked 7 years ago!) for some time because of the good graphics history karma of the name, the department has been kind enough to leave my account there, and because the systems support at that department is outstanding.   And because my gmail idea sucks-- I can barely spell my middle name!   My computer went into the shop for a week so I've been taking care of some of those non-urgent things on my to-do list and one of them is finding a more permanent email address.  Gmail is the default pick for most people and I like it myself but almost every account name I have tried is taken.

I dug deep into my naming history, and recall that an old FORTRAN trick to keep to 8 letters (a requirement on some systems!) was to eliminate vowels.   English has almost no information in the vowels so this works pretty well.   In my name is "y" a vowel?   I say yes, because it does allow one available email.   Thus my new "permanent" email is now:

If I'm in your address book please update it!

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