Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A drawing package with barycentric interpolation?

I want to do a simple diagram that I could easy do with SGI IRIS Showcase (my all time favorite drawing package that as far as I know is extinct).   One feature it had was you could assign three colors to the three triangle vertices and it would interpolate a between the vertices (Gouraud interpolation, barycentric interpolation, linear interpolation, whatever you want to call it).   As far as I know, no current programs support this.  PLEASE tell me I am wrong, or go write it :)

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DEADC0DE said...

Inkscape's has "gradient mesh" which is the same (or modeled after) Illustrator's gradient mesh. I guess it constraints to quads (not sure), but you can use a clipmask to make a triangle out of it (I guess).