Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Smartphone camera ratings

Mike Herf pointed me to a really serious evaluation of the iPhone6 where it came out the current leader (dxomark link).

Their numeric ratings I collected from their various pages (take with a grain of salt as any single number has issues-- look at their detailed tests before you buy anything based on it):

  1. 86  iPhone 6
  2. 79 Galaxy S5 
  3. 79 Galaxy S4
  4. 76 Sony Xperia Z1
  5. 76 iPhone 5s
  6. 74 Nokia Lumina 1020
  7. 73 LG G2
  8. 72 iPhone 5
  9. 63 HTC One M8   
Bottom line appears that everybody has caught up to the 5s, but Apple has created a gap again.  

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