Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A curious search fail

I have just moved from a Windows Mobile Phone to an iPhone, and I am super-impressed with both devices' hardware and software.  However, I am equally surprised at the failure modes of Apple's and Microsoft's app stores.  We have a Windows app called "Pando".  If you search for "Pando" you don't find it.  Apple manages to fail as impressively on our app "Pic!" which one cannot find searching by title.  In each case, you can find it by searching under "Pixio", our partner whose app store portal we use (Pixio had 2 of the first 300 apps on the Apple app store, and we love the name!).  If anybody knows what channel to submit a bug report on either of these things, let me know.  App discovery is hard enough if you ARE in the index :)

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