Monday, September 22, 2014

More iPhone6 tests: app using the camera

As I thought about how almost absurdly good the iPhone6 is in low light, I became concerned this was only available in the Apple camera app.  I just took pictures on the inside of my cabinet (it's quite dark) and did a side-by-side test of the Apple Camera app and an app taken inside Pic!

taken inside Apple Camera app

Taken inside Pic!

Thankfully, whatever low-light mojo is going on under the hood, is the default for 3rd party developers.  For fun I also tried posterizing it to see how the noise looked, and the "random dithered" nature of the noise has a cool look to my eye.

Posterization inside Pic!

Just so my blog doesn't devolve into a Apple Fanboy festival, note that as an App Extension our app often crashes in the real phone but is fine with all the simulators.  Not surprising for a new feature (and in our case a new language: Swift), but it appears this is Apple's bug.  We eagerly await iOS 8.01.  But the app seems to work great as an app, so far from a wipe-out.  The other two apps with photo extensions we are aware of (Camera+ and Fragment) are faring a little better, and it would be nice to see if they are written in Swift or Objective-C.  Further if you search the Apple Store for "Pic!" it doesn't find our app.  Talk about an app discovery problem!  So search for "Pixio" or use this link.

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