Sunday, September 21, 2014

A test on moving objects and the iPhone 6+

Here is a low-light moving object (2 on the stand mixer scale).  Impressive!  I will not include my real camera until I find the charger :)

iPhone 5c

iPhone 6+

And here are some 200x200 pixel close-ups with the 5c on the left of each
Here is the post on the right
Moving object (farthest white part on the left of paddle)
Clearly the 6+ is way better.  But interesting that the noise is really at the pixel level with smaller blobs you see there is a better dithering effect.  As a Monte Carlo guy, I like the path tracing look, and with so many pixels it will work.  Whatever is going on under the hood it is impressive, because as far as I know the sensors are not that different.

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