Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And a not-so-new paper

The architecture of our rendering system is described in a gi 06 paper. Morley and Boulos should get co-first authors for this paper and deserve the bulk of the credit for the system. I consider this paper a turning point in my thinking about realistic rendering. The reason is that it addresses media as a first class citizen of rendering in a practical way. The system doesn't really know the difference between media and surfaces, and overlapping media are not a problem. So you can add an atmosphere, and then a cloud, and neither the atmosphere nor the cloud need be aware of each other. Brute force is not an insult-- just ask quicksort!

New paper

I'll indicate new papers we do on this blog with a short post.

My student Margarita Bratkova just completed a paper on her work on panoramic maps. A tech report version is here.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Intro Graphics Course

For the first time in several years I am teaching Intro Graphics. I am basing this course on the Reyes pipeline as described in the superb paper. Here is my course web page. If you would like to follow along and do the assignments let me know and I'll link to your page. Each week there will be one assignment that will take 1-4 hours or so.