Thursday, March 31, 2016

Third and final ray tracing mini-book is out

My third and final Kindle ray tracing mini-book is out.    It will be free April 1-5, 2016.

Ray Tracing: The Rest Of Your Life (Ray Tracing Minibooks Book 3)

From the intro:

In this volume, I assume you will be pursuing a career related to ray tracing and we will dive into the math of creating a very serious ray tracer. When you are done you should be ready to start messing with the many serious commercial ray tracers underlying the movie and product design industries. There are many many things I do not cover in this short volume; I dive into only one of many ways to write a Monte Carlo rendering program.   I don’t do shadow rays (instead I make rays more likely to go toward lights), bidirectional methods, Metropolis methods, or photon mapping.   What I do is speak in the language of the field that studies those methods.   I think of this book as a deep exposure that can be your first of many, and it will equip you with some of the concepts, math, and terms you will need to study the others.


Eric Haines said...

I predict absolutely no confusion that this book is being release on April 1st.

Anyway, very cool! The third book in the trilogy is where all the action happens, so I expect lots of romances resolved, battles fought and won, etc.

Reading what the book's actually about, I'll be interested in what you cover. One possible resource for people wanting to "go pro": - as a minimum, never pronounce SIGGRAPH "See-graf".

Peter Shirley said...

Maybe I am kidding it will be free. That pronunciation guide is fantastic. (for the record it is SHIRL-YEE-HAW)