Sunday, January 31, 2016

I've decided to go ahead with a part-2 on the mini-book

The mini-book Ray Tracing in One Weekend got more interest than I expected.   Apparently ray tracing really is hot.   The book just gets a brute force path tracer with spheres up, so I decided it would be worth making a part 2 (to be written!).   I am seeking comments on what is missing from the list.   Here is my first cut:

Chapter 1: Motion Blur
Chapter 2: A Bounding Volume Hierarchy (BVH) Chapter 3: Solid Texture Mapping Chapter 4: Image Texture Mapping
Chapter 5: Volumes Chapter 6: A Polished Material Chapter 7: Environment Maps Chapter 8: Shadow Rays Chapter 9: Triangle Meshes

I would consider that a full-featured ray tracer.   That is not to say having all features!  

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Peter Shirley said...

2 suggestions via email: image filtering, and instancing. Added to the list.