Thursday, December 24, 2015

New edition of my graphics text is out.

The newest edition of my intro graphics book is done early.   It looks like the kindle edition is out and the hardcopy will at at amazon soon. I just got my copies in the mail today!   I am a big fan of this edition.   It is also now Marschner and Shirley et al., instead of Shirley and Marchner et al.   Any great improvements in the book I am pretending are correlation and not causation.   But being second author is like I hear being a grandparent is-- all the benefit and none of the responsibility.   Please report any problems to Steve.

This edition we have moved to color:
That retro image in the bottom right is there for nostalia's sake.  It was my first good image (1988 I think).   It was 1024x768 and took two weeks to do radiosity and light maps and 16 viewing rays per pixel on a VAX 11-780.   It was my first "real" C++ program (I think).     Modeled in vi (for real) and some hand rolled rotate a piece-wise linear curve code.   Here it is in all its low-res noisy glory.

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Phil Dutré said...

Really looking forward to this edition, and possibly using it as a textbook.

Btw, i have used that particular picture for years to show the depth-of-field effect ...