Friday, June 26, 2015

First real test of new spectral renderer

I just ran my first serious end to end test of my (still primitive) spectral renderer.   I turned to the trusy Macbeth color checker (data from BabelColor which Brian Cabral turned me onto).   I used Chris Wyman's approximations to the XYZ tristimulous curves and they were so much more pleasant than typing that junk it.  This is the chart with just a uniform background(lambda) = constant and no lights.  Looks like it all works fine.  This was a great test case (which is why everybody uses it for spectral work) and it shook out several bugs.


Michael Taylor said...

Your link to "Chris Wyman's approximation" is broken.

Michael Taylor said...

I believe this is the correct link to Wyman's approximation.

Peter Shirley said...

Fixed. Thank you!