Friday, November 14, 2014

NVIDIA enters cloud gaming market

NVIDIA has fired a big shot into the cloud gaming world.  I'll watch this with great interest.  If the technology is up to snuff this is the way I would like to play games: subscription model.  One catch is that you need to buy a NVIDIA shield (This looks to be around $200) so I think of this as a cloud-based console and it's not at all out of whack with console costs.  The better news is I wouldn't have to pay $50 to try a game.  I think the key factors will be:
  1. What games are available and what is the price to try them and/or play them?
  2. Is the tech good?
  3. In my internet good enough?
Knowing NVIDIA I bet 1 and 2 will be well-designed.    And it looks like the service will be a "try it free" at first, so it all comes down to #3.  It probably depends on the game and my internet.  The latencies in game consoles are surprisingly high, so South Korean internet will probably make almost all games be fine.  Portal 2 and the like will be good even with normal US internet.  If anybody tries this let me know.  I'll consider a purchase for Xmas depending on what I hear from early adopters.

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