Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aaron Lefohn's and my bet

Seven years ago Aaron Lefohn and I made a bet.  He crushes me.  Ironically the French Laundry is probably not what it used to be but we'll find the 2013 analog!  Here's the email snippet:

> (Aaron) My guess is that a hybrid rasterization/ray-tracing pipeline will end up
> winning.

(Pete) I bet you a dinner at the French Laundry that in 2013, it will be rt and
not hybrid.  What do you say?  My main argument is kiss.  On the other
hand, rasterization works really well for procedural geometry so your idea
could definitely win.


laserdavid said...

Good luck getting a reservation at the french laundry on this side of 2014 :)

David Luebke said...

You can DQ him on the basis that nobody uses a hybrid RT/raster pipeline today either. You're both losers! Cheaper that way.

Though if I were him, I'd claim that Cyril Crassin's cone tracing is close enough to qualify. Not in any games yet but has been demo'd in UE4.